Welcome to Society Boxing and Fitness!

It’s my pleasure to offer you the finest Boxing, Kickboxing, and HIIT training in the area. Here, you’ll be welcomed by friendly, knowledgeable staff that places your goals and needs at the forefront. This is not a corporate gym with constant turnover. We are a family-owned gym that strives to support each member of our fitness community.


There’s no secret, nor surprise, that class format Boxing and Kickboxing has been on the rise. The conditioning and real life experience is second to none!

Fighters are known for their incredible physique…toned abs, impeccable stamina, and lean muscular build.

We’re taking the same drills and exercises that prize fighters use and putting them into a class format that anyone can jump into and achieve optimal results!

With Society Boxing, you will NOT find the general, cardio-style, class of endless 1-2 punch combinations. You will learn the craft without being placed in harm’s way. We will teach you real combinations in a fun and friendly environment through mitt work, bag work and proper instruction. You will get the sweat you need to achieve awesome results while gathering an understanding for the sweet science!