Why Class Format Works?

Class format has become the new craze for simple reasons. No more having to construct your own workout! Let’s be honest, how often does this actually work in your favor? Should I do treadmill or elliptical…? Come on…Every workout will be geared towards shaving fat and building lean muscle. We’re building a boxer’s physique here!


Slugfest Boxing

We’re taking a boxer’s daily regimen of bag work and blasting the most intense beats to keep you on your toes and firing like a true champion. You can expect high intensity cardio mixed with bodyweight movements and a swarm of power punching combinations that will have your bag begging for mercy.

Rumble Kickboxing

We utilize the same elements from Slug fest Boxing and add devastating kicks, elbows, and knees to get that full body chisel!  This class will equip you with all the weapons a scrapper needs to get the job done.

Box/ HIIT Fusion

Let’s take a different approach and get the muscles activated before peppering the bags to finish this hour off. We’ll implement Olympic movements, dumbbell reps, and a slew of other fitness combinations to get the body primed and ready for combat. If you like Tabata Training, HIIT Training, Boot camp style training, you’re going to love what we’ve done here!  Close it out with Boxing, heavy bag work and you’ve got the most complete workout known to the fitness world!

Kickbox/HIIT Fusion

You guessed it! The same thing but with kicks, elbows, and knees!

Wild Card HIIT

This class will entail anything the building has to offer outside of the bag work. That means, weights, TRX, running ….. anything! Geared to shred the unwanted fat and make way for the much wanted lean muscle that we all crave!

Underground Boxing  (COMING SOON)

For this class, we dive into the urban underground and throw down to the highest octane club tracks out there! This is an evening Boxing class that turns the gym into a nightclub sweat session! You will not want to miss out on this!