The Story Behind Society Boxing

So, my story is nothing earth shattering, really. I have not been shot, knifed, or involved in a deadly ninja standoff where there were 26 ninjas, minimum, and I had to rely on Boxing skill alone to defeat the enemy, save the girl, and escape with the plans to the Death Star.

I will say that my decision to leave corporate America and grow a second skin in an industry that I had passion for but no real professional familiarity was a bit ballsy on my part. All the while, carrying a seven person family on my back. Yep, I’ve got five kids! Here we go!

I was always a fairly skilled athlete in most sports I locked into. I would spend several years playing for FC Delco Soccer and solidifying my place in Track and Field, taking titles such as PIAA District Champion, #1 seed in PIAA State Championship and also placing in the Penn Relays. Admittedly, I loved playing these sports but they lacked some of the more direct confrontations I was looking for. I enjoyed facing off with singular opponents and the banter that would take place between my opponent and I. There’s a certain sense of danger that was magnetic and I couldn’t get enough.

I can remember my first time watching a boxing match, at the age of 17, and being absolutely captivated by the slick minded, elusiveness that these warriors displayed. So, I set out to find a Boxing gym shortly thereafter and was placed in the ring on my very first night. The fella that stepped in opposite me was an amateur fighter that was much smaller than me in stature and really posed no threat to me at the time. Well, that changed shortly after the bell rung. To this day, I’m not sure if he missed with anything. My nose was sitting in the corner somewhere, blood running freely, confidence completely shot, yet I enjoyed the hell out of it! Yes, idiocy at its best!

Moving on!

I’ve spent many years traveling to local area gyms as well as spending time in Philadelphia dungeons learning the trade. The experience I’ve acquired and tools that I am now equipped with have become priceless. This would all be called upon in my first Amateur Boxing match where I would be placed against the most decorated fighter in the tournament with an unblemished record of 9-0. After a shaky first round, I was able to put the puzzle together and chase down my opponent for the next two rounds and take a unanimous decision win. All the while, I was working your typical career path type job spanning from Warehouse Supervisor to Sales Director and every position in between.

Here’s where the change takes place!

I was working out at a fitness facility when the GM asked if I’d like to train members there. I took this as very nice compliment and possibly an enjoyable second income. So, I accepted! Surprisingly, things took off pretty quickly and I started taking on clients with ease. With that, I left my full time job, began teaching Boxing classes and acquiring more clients as each week went by. Since then, I have earned Top Trainer 3x in a major franchise that has structured 150+ gyms worldwide and consistently been a top 5 trainer for most of my time within that company.

Off and Running!!

Due to my growing success, I decided to go out on my own and bring my knowledge and talent to a larger scale where I can expand my brand and create the type of fitness experience that inspires people to live a healthy lifestyle. Society Boxing and Fitness now has a home and more meaning than I could have imagined. These last five years have taken an unexpected turn for certain but a turn I don’t regret being behind the wheel for. My family and I live a happier and healthier lifestyle with more purpose than ever.
Hands up at all times! You never know what life will throw at you!