I have been training with Drew since 2014. I was hesitant to initially invest in personal training because I had never spent more than $20 on a gym membership. After the first assessment, I decided to buy. We talked about what I wanted to obtain and what goals Drew had for me. Mine were the stereotypical lose weight, get toned, etc. His plan was an 8 minute mile and build my endurance. To give you an idea, at the time, I was running a 10 minute mile. Over the last 3 years, Drew has helped me crush my goals as well as build my confidence. At the beginning of every session he will read off what he has planned for me. My immediate thoughts are, “that’s impossible!” and then I push through and amaze myself with how well I perform. His knowledge and expertise has given me some of my proudest moments which include, running a mile under 8 minutes, doing 2 pull-ups and placing in the top rankings for testing in the Delaware State Police Academy. I could not have accomplished those goals without Drew helping me push through when I thought I couldn’t. Personal training has given me the fitness results I was looking for as well as a new found confidence I never had.
-Briana M.

My very first boxing class was with Drew in January 2014. I was a corporate fitness manager and group exercise instructor for 7 years at the time. I also had background as a collegiate division II sprinter. When I walked into my first boxing class I was a little nervous. Part of the reason I joined the gym was because of that class. Drew was phenomenal at making me feel like I had been there for months. I wasn’t in my best shape when I went to that first class, but his energy made me push hard. It made me remember the days when I was a competitive sprinter and I knew that’s what I needed. After almost a year I decided I needed more of a challenge besides just the boxing classes. My husband and I decided to purchase personal training sessions. I had a goal of being able to do a pull up and wanted to learn more technique based boxing. The only person I considered for personal training was Drew. I knew that he could teach me more about boxing but he could also push me as an athlete and give me the tools to accomplish my goals. Besides being a great trainer and understanding fitness and boxing, Drew also gets to know you. A good trainer knows his clients, what makes them tick, how hard to push them, what motivates them etc. Anybody can get a certification and tell you to do ‘xyz’ to gain strength or lose weight but it takes someone special to understand why someone wants to accomplish a goal. When I train with Drew (PT or class) I know I am going to get a great workout. From cardio to technique, Drew incorporates it all in his training.
-Julie B.

Drew is awesome. Best trainer ever! The workouts are great and he always gives options for different  fitness levels. 
Highly recommend!!!

-Andrea S.

I hate writing things like this almost as much as I hate going to the gym but it’s worth it when Drew is involved.  By the time I reached my thirties I found it difficult to find any type of exercise routine that could hold my interest longer than a week.   Employers offered complimentary gym memberships and each time I soon realized that I wouldn’t go to the gym even if they paid (for) me. That changed when my sister introduced me to Drew.  The first thing that impressed me about Drew was his way of engaging you and making you feel comfortable. I never once felt uncomfortable or self-conscious while training with him and that had a huge impact on how fast I could respond to his instructions.  Not only is Drew a smart instructor but he has an eye for the small details in form. Minor adjustments to my stance or movement completely change my balance and I would feel excited to learn something a little more challenging. At 37 I’m in the best shape of my life, thanks to Drew.  Three years later I am still excited to learn more about the intricacies of boxing while trying to master the basics and waking up the next day with soreness in muscles I still didn’t know I had. Do yourself a favor and train with Drew, you won’t regret it.                                                                    -Dave D.

When people leave their previous gym to follow a trainer who starts his own, that says a lot about the quality of the trainer and his vision. Drew is a trainer like no other! 
Society boxing is the perfect blend of physical, mental and emotional fitness! If you’re looking for a fun work out and a change of pace from those big box gyms, you’ve gotta check out Society Boxing!!!
-Tisherra D.

4 years ago my fitness journey began after a hiatus that left me the heaviest I’ve been in my entire life. Signing up for the gym wasn’t even something I was interested in. My wife encouraged me to do it because she enjoyed the mix of strength and cardio incorporated into the classes and thought the boxing/kickboxing component might be of interest to me. 2 years into my gym membership I was still unhappy with myself and my body. It was at this time I decided to make a commitment to a competition and it created the perspective change I needed. I owe so much of that perspective change to Andrew “Drew” Hastie. He was a big part of my journey. He even talked me into trying out some sparring as another way to change up my gym routine. This is where the perspective change took place, making exercise fun, new, and a change up from  lifting weights and running on a treadmill. Drew’s knowledge of exercise science and passion for the technique of boxing are evident in his work. I never thought I would get excited to spend my evenings at the gym but I do. 
-Kenny D

Around the time I turned 40, I made a conscious decision to make an investment in myself and my well-being.  I joined a gym and was enjoying the progress, but I felt like I was getting into a rut.  I started working with Drew to take my training to the next level.  What I appreciate about Drew is he took the time to really talk to me and help me figure out what my goals were – what were the physical results I wanted to see?  His encouragement and confidence in me was empowering.  He set the bar high, but pushed me to reach for it – because he knew I could do it.  I felt amazingly energized and accomplished after every workout.  My strength improved, my cardio endurance increased and I began to see the muscle definition I was looking for – and most importantly, I was becoming stronger mentally and more confident.  He challenged me to set measurable goals so I could really see the progress I was making.  What I really love about Drew is that he truly cares about me as a person and my overall well-being.  When I struggled, he was there to help me through it.  He is truly a person who is passionate about helping others be the best that they can be. 
 -Amanda H.

It started out as boxing lessons. I asked Drew to teach me how to box because I wanted to learn to do it properly. I didn’t want to beat anyone up; I wanted to throw punches correctly, understand how combos were built, and not look stupid doing it. The killer workout was just a bonus.
I know when I’m doing something right in the ring because I can feel the rhythm click in to place. I’ve learned from Drew a million things about boxing: work the jab, keep your elbows in, don’t cross your feet. But I’ve also learned from watching Drew that boxing is like a dance. Its graceful, the movements are purposeful, and it flows effortlessly.

The pieces don’t all come naturally to me, but I’ve learned enough to fool someone who doesn’t know any better. I routinely am asked by new members at the gym how long I’ve been there and where did I learn to throw punches. My proudest gym moment was when a new trainer, an amateur fighter himself, saw me working on a bag and introduced himself to me with the opener: “Where did you learn to box?!”

After training with Drew for almost 3 years, we’ve expanded to more than boxing lessons. I don’t have a fitness goal, and I’m sure that doesn’t make it easy on Drew to design my workouts. But I like to think that we’ve developed some kind of trainer-client ESP because regardless of what the workout is, it ends up being exactly what I needed that day.
The best thing I’ve learned training with Drew is that I’m stronger than I know. I thought I was putting in the work but as it turns out, I wasn’t even close. Drew called me out on not being challenged, and now he makes it a personal mission to invent new movements which will stump me. He’s asked me to lift weights or flip tires in ways that used to intimidate me, but now seem entirely reasonable. I can’t tell you how much I bench press, because that’s not important to me. But I can tell you that I’m so much stronger than I was 3 years ago, or even 6 months ago. I’m also faster, I’m more fit, and I have such fierce upper body muscles from the boxing that I’ve received compliments from complete strangers.

The hour I spend with Drew is, without fail, the best workout I have all week. It’s always a little difficult to spend the money, but no matter how much I try to push myself with a heaver weight, a steeper incline, or an extra interval, I never quite achieve the same thing on my own. Fitness is so engrained in my routine now that its difficult to imagine my schedule without it; waking up at 5:30 to get my sweat on before work is second-nature, and when I travel its totally normal for my workout clothes to take up more space in my suitcase than my business clothes.

I train because I love it, and because I crave the movement, but it’s also taught me so much about myself. I’ve learned tiny women can lift really heavy weights; I’ve learned making time for one of the only things in my day I can control makes all the other pieces of my life fall in to place; I’ve learned exercise helps me manage stress; I’ve learned cute workout clothes make a real difference; and I’ve learned exercise gives me a more positive outlook on just about everything. And it all started out with boxing lessons.
-Katie S.

I’ve been training with Drew for almost 3 years and I couldn’t be happier with my experience. Our sessions combines boxing, cardio and weight training and he customizes each workout to my goals and ability. I always feel challenged when he sets the workout for the day, and then accomplished when we’re done because I know he’s pushed me.  
Aside from the great workouts, Drew takes a genuine interest in his clients’ well being and is always ready to spend a few extra minutes talking about new goals, nutritional tips, or just getting to know people on a personal level.  You always feel like you’re more than just another appointment, which I feel sets him apart from others I’ve worked with in the past.
Drew has been instrumental in helping me to meet my initial fitness goals, and has given me the confidence to set new ones along the way.  When people ask what I’ve been doing, my reply is “Whatever Drew says!”  I trust his methods, knowledge and advice completely and will continue to work with him as long as he’ll have me as a client!
-Susan M.

Drew has been my personal trainer for three years and I couldn’t be happier with the results. Prior to meeting Drew I worked with a few trainers who didn’t seem to have my goals in mind. 

Upon meeting Drew he made it a priority to identify my needs and develop a plan to help me achieve my goals. Previous trainers just gave me a bunch of exercises to do with little motivation. Drew developed a comprehensive plan specifically for me. He then works directly with me to gain the greatest benefit from my workouts.  Since I am an older client,  Drew knows when to push me to achieve the best results. He also knows when to direct me to slow down so I don’t sustain and injury. 

I highly recommend Drew to anyone who is serious about improving their health and well being. With Drew, you will have a clear plan in place to achieve your goals and a highly competent trainer that cares about your needs.
-Rich H.

I have had the privilege of getting to know Drew Hastie over the past three years. Over this time I have observed Drew’s conduct and actions in dealing with a myriad of working situations. He deals with a wide range of clients, all in a manner in which is unique to the individual. He is always prepared, upbeat and supportive to whom he serves. Drew is also clearly a leader among his peers as witnessed by his continued growing customer base compared to that of others.  From a character and citizen, he is a devoted Husband, father and friend.                                                                                                                         -Jim P.

It’s hard to find coaches and people who truly want you to develop! Drew is one the most authentic, helpful, and engaging trainers I have ever seen! Easily a must-add to your routine
-Mal N.

Andrew Hastie has become my trainer over the last 3 months due to my former trainer leaving their position.  Let me tell you, this was one of the best things that could happen to me!!!!  

In the three months I have been training with Drew, I have learned more than I learned in the 2 years before.  I am stronger, healthier and happier than ever.  I am now able to keep up with my 9 year old.
Andrew has motivated me to follow my dream of being able to get in the ring and spar.  He makes sure I have the techniques down so I don’t get hurt or hurt anyone else.    
We talk about how we are progressing as team and on my own.  I see a great future for myself in the gym with a wonderful trainer like Andrew.
If you are looking for a trainer that is caring, knowledgeable and listens to what you are looking for in a work out and then adjusts his goal to meet yours than Andrew is your man.  He truly is talented and I will continue to work with him for as long as I can.
-Karen B.